Beach body is a health and fitness company with LOTS of options. They offer a variety of workouts programs as well as supplements. Although i do find some of the workout programs way to intense for a beginner they do have some lower impact workouts prefect for beginners! They offer a variety of supplements as well including shakeology which is by far the best health shake i have found! They use either whey protein in the reg shakes or pea and oat protein in the vegan options. I enjoy all the flavors everyone seems to have their favorite! Mine is def the strawberry although i also like the Green berry and vanilla. Beach body has Incorporated exercise, healthy eating, and supplements for the best possible outcome! They also offer a support in the way of health coaches for each customer. However, beach body signs up coaches with no nutrition or fitness experience and pushes sales which makes it harder for their clients to be successful reaching their goals! Beachbody also has some products that aren’t so healthy. They offer energy boosts and other supplements that contain sweeteners and soy….which aren’t so healthy.

Beach body has recently come out with an online workout option which i love! you can pay for a year and access all the workout programs. This is a great way to give variety of options without having to buy the whole program!

OVerall, beach body is giving really healthy options to reach fitness goals!


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